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Get your customers excited about your products and promotions with the graphic designs edited by SourcePro.At SourcePro, we organize and materialize your demands to create compelling designs that will leave a permanent impression on yourcustomers. We offer a wide range of graphic design services like offshore clipping path, online ads, color correction, drop shadow service, photo retouching, and much more under a single roof.We give individual attention to our client’s projects and give tailor-made solutions for each project. SourcePro understands the clients’ requirements and makes sure to infuse life in every project we undertake.

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the effectiveness of your brand by getting the best pieces designed by SourcePro.
We will help you establish the identity of your brand with our most delicate
designs. Let us give you a sneak peek into how we help your business get ahead.

Full Understanding of Your Project: Our team understands your graphic design requirement and provides an insider’s view by giving expert advice. Moreover, our multi-lingual experts are abreast with English and other native languages to help clients with their tasks. Your tasks may be easy to complex, but we make sure to deliver the best quality services by accomplishing the projects according to your provided requirements.

Affordable, Yet High-Quality Services: Being cost-effective never means that our services are not high-quality, but we offer excellent services at a fraction of the cost. It will help you to save a fair amount of money to spend on your core business. The businesses running on a shoe-string budget can avail of our various graphic designing services and provide a cutting-edge to their brand.

Digitally Equipped Personals: The excellent design establishes your brand integrity in front of your online and social media viewers. SourcePro has a team of experts who are abreast with the modern software to design great digital prints for your ads or provide a retouch to the professional images. We use updated media and technology to make your designs look real and attractive. Using modern technologies and tools, we help you boost your online business and make a niche for yourself in today’s competitive business world.

Clipping path Service

We are experienced with high-quality clipping path service. Our production specialist have huge ridding experience in this field. We provide clipping path services for e-commerce, photographers, Publishing Houses, Stock Agencies, etc, and help you transform your images and ensure that you save a lot of time. We are cheap, best in quality, and super fast.


Masking services are quite the same as they are used to remove the background of different types of images. But, we use image masking to remove the blurred or furry portions from the pictures. Our team uses the object extracting, detaching, dark shadow removing, or with the help of multiple clipping path techniques. We provide image masking and clipping path services for photographers, eCommerce businesses, publishing houses, etc., to make their work look realistic and appealing.

Color Correction service

We provide the best quality for color, correcting your black and white images. Our advanced software makes the process relatively quick. Moreover, we also cater to the product’s color correction as if you want bright colors added to your t-shirt instead of dark or showcase the real estate property in the bright light. Our experts will do everything perfectly.

photo Retouching service

At SourcePro, we provide excellent photo retouching services to our clients that help remove scratches, enhance the beauty of the models, make the images extraordinary, remove flaws, dust, etc., from the photograph. We make sure to impart the message clearly with the help of the retouching services provided for the photographs. This technique is also known as airbrushing, which enhances the images and makes them look more vibrant.


The neck joint graphic design service is mostly used by the clothing industry where the photographers take two pictures of the products, one with the mannequin and the other without it. It helps our specialist editor to take the work forward by enhancing the images from the Raster to Vector to make the image look real with the ghost mannequin. This service aims to provide the proper image of the clothing product from neck to joints and about its fitting to the onlookers or the brand’s target audience.


Our E-commerce image editing service helps eCommerce businesses add realistic backgrounds to their images or remove the background to add black and white hues. Our experts will do them within a short time using proper tools and software. Just provide us your views, and let the core work accomplished by our specialists.

Beauty Retouch Service

This service is mostly required by fashion or merchandising agencies. The high end beauty retouch is
provided to the shoot models to modify the body detailing or eye detailing or make-up to help
them look more appealing. It will help the client’s business to excel. Even product
photographers get this service done to glorify the images they have captured. We use advanced
tools and software to make the stock models or product pictures look great.

Shadow Service

Here, our experts will add a black or grey layer under the main image. The Drop Shadow helps relate the shadows to the real images but makes them look extraordinary with these shadows. With this service, the specialist creates a 3D effect on images like jewelry products, eye gears, clothing items, watches, wallets, etc. But, this technique does not take away the real essence of your image.

Color change service

Color is the life of the image. A real nice combination of colors makes an image appealing that can easily attract. Especially it’s a very important part of e-commerce images. By changing the color of an image, it may seem more appealing and different in look. You can make an excellent variety of product images by taking our service. Here, the color change service means changing the color tone, balance, and type of an image by Photoshop. Also if you have a product with different colors, you don’t have to shoot every product, instead, you can just take a photo and give us the color codes of other products. Our expert designers will then make the images exactly like other products. This way you can save a lot of time and money..


Multiple clipping paths are an advanced type of clipping path offered by SourcePro. Using this clipping path technique, each part of the photos can be isolated. After that, you can simply edit them separately. For instance, we can separate all the clothing parts from a picture by using this technique. Once the clipping path is applied multiply, everything on the inside of the path is included in the final cut. This process allows you to remove a picture from its background, which seems like cutting an image out of a magazine with scissors. Our Desktoppers here in SourcePro are highly educated in this area.
Multi Clipping Path


SourcePro welcomes you to the creative horizon that we have built. We have a handful of creative minds who usages Computer Monitor as their canvas and mouse as their brushes. Our digital artists can help you to make eye-catching— Business Presentations Catalogs Brochures Social Media Banners and Ad Creatives for your website, and any other artwork you may need.
clipping path creative


This service is mostly required by fashion or merchandising agencies. The beauty retouch is provided to the shoot models to modify the body detailing or eye detailing or make-up to help them look more appealing. It will help the client’s business to excel. Even product photographers get this service done to glorify the images they have captured. We use advanced tools and software to make the stock models or product pictures look great.

Creative photo manipulation service


If you have a photo or blurry image that you want to enlarge, vector conversion is the process you need to follow. Just an example, you may have a logo for your website and you want to print it on a large banner. The printing outcome on the banner of your logo will look bad. The logo would be blurry and unrecognizable It’s not only about the logo, it applies to all types of images. This conversion makes your bitmap images to vectors so that you can print, This is a service that requires manual touch as the calculations on the vector file requires manual drawing. SourcePro has all the resources to help you transforming raster images into vectors. Our hands are quite delicate and our outputs are simply best.


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